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Born in the Austrian Alps region of Tyrol, Chef Albrich was raised in an area where the number one industry is tourism, in other words food and lodging. He grew up around his parents' bed & breakfast, campground and restaurant, and ended up becoming a chef.

After attending a prestigious hotel & restaurant school, he trained with first class chefs at the Hotel Maria Theresa in Innsbruck. He also trained in a luxurious cruise ship that sailed the Mediterranean, back when sailing was for the privileged. After an unfortunate death in the family, he returned home to help run the family business. Chef Albrich later opened his own restaurant near Innsbruck in Tyrol, called Café Del Arte, where he had clients coming from as far as Germany to enjoy his tastefully prepared delicacies.

Albrich had always wanted to move to the United States and finally realized that dream in the late 80's. After a few months in Salt Lake City, Utah, he settled in the South Florida area where he opened and was the executive chef of several restaurants.

Chef Albrich has impressive presentation skills. He combines the freshest ingredients he finds to create incredible combinations that feast your eyes as well as your taste buds. He is experienced in many traditional cuisines, but it's his fusion of Asian, European & American cuisines that creates the best combinations. His Tyrolean background strongly influences his superb wild game dishes.

After selling his last restaurant, Bubbles Café in Miami Beach, Chef Albrich took a hiatus and immersed himself in technology and web marketing. In 1996, Chef Albrich took a position as Private Chef for a South Florida family. Planning constant dinner parties, he has delighted and impressed clients and their distinguished guests with his culinary skills and artistic presentations. With no restrictions on his creativity, and often an unlimited budget, Chef Albrich prepares an innovative, modern cuisine for his affluent clients and is simply unbeatable with sauces.

Being a private chef offers Albrich a great deal of personal satisfaction.
He enjoys buying the best and freshest ingredients in order to create what he feels is best for the particular occasion and type of guest. Clients had always asked him to cater larger events and he usually turned them down. In
2003 he started catering for larger groups (several hundred guests) and now actually enjoys large corporate and private events. He catered for the Featherlite VIP Club for many years at the Homestead and Daytona 500 NASCAR races.

In 2007 he started following some of his South Florida clients to the Linville area in the North Carolina Mountains. Getting out of the South Florida heat for a few months is not a bad idea. The High Country area in North Carolina offers many catering and destination wedding opportunities.
Chef Albrich and his wife run a bed and breakfast seasonally [summers] in North Carolina. They still make occasional trips to South Florida for larger events during the summer.

In the summer of 2008, Chef Albrich was asked to play the part of a “private chef” for the filming of a French TV reality show, “La Methode Cauet” with Sebastien Cauet and Cécile de Ménibus. Sebastien Cauet is like the Jay Leno of France, only a little more spicy.

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Sweet Potato & Mint Semifreddo on Lime Infused Olive Oil with Blackberry Colada.

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