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Chef Albrich is pleased to announce that he now provides service to the Palm Beach County area. Chef Albrich is a top notch private chef who provides a slightly different type of service. Rather than working full time for just one family, the chef now works for different households. So those of you who would like to hire a Private Chef for a night, a week or a month now have access to a high end private chef. And believe me, you will not be disappointed. His multi course, gourmet meals will delight you and your guests. It is like bringing the chef of the best restaurant in town, to cook in your kitchen just for you and your guests.

With the addition of clients in Palm Beach County, Chef Albrich now readily services the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, as well as fulfilling out-of-state assignments, such as ski vacations, etc. The Chef has been receiving more and more requests for his services from the Palm Beach County area, and he is happy to be able to accommodate those requests. Not everyone wants to hire a permanent private chef, but many people would love to be able to hire an experienced private chef for dinner parties, or when they have out-of-town guests. One of his clients hires him the same night every week and makes it a point to entertain clients and friends on that night.

Able to fulfill most menu requests, the chef can prepare all types of special menus including low fat, kosher, low carbs, fish only, vegetarian, etc. After the menu is planned, the food is purchased for you and cooked in your very own kitchen, then served by a professional waiter or waitress. Professional sommelier services are also offered for those clients who require this type of service.

Just to remind you the difference between private chefs and personal chefs is very significant. Private chefs prepare everything fresh in your kitchen to be consumed immediately, while personal chefs prepare at least one week’s worth of meals and freeze them to be reheated when consumed.

For more information on hiring Private Chef Albrich, email marketing@chefalbrich.com, or call 305.899.7785.

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