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What is the difference between Private Chefs and Personal Chefs?

Although often confused, the difference is substantial. Private Chefs
prepare multi-course meals that are consumed once prepared. There is no freezing or re-heating involved. Private Chefs work in cooperation with a waiter/ress and a housekeeper or kitchen helper/dishwasher. They plan the menu with the client, shop for the groceries, and prepare the meal, usually consisting of a high end, multi-course gourmet meal. Although most Private Chefs work for one family, some have various clients, specializing in creating fabulous dinner parties for the rich and famous.

Personal Chefs cook for several families or individuals. Once every week or two, personal chefs shop for the groceries, go to the client's home and prepare several entrees at one time in the client's kitchen, then package and store those meals in the refrigerator or freezer and provide the clients with re-heating instructions.

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