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Green Onion Soup
fresh green onion purée whisked in a sherry and
chardonnay wine-infused stock with a gruyère brûlée

Cilantro Scented Lobster Dumplings
with ponzu-kimchee dipping sauce

King Crab Margarita
 petit peas, cilantro, diced papaya and mango tossed with tequila
drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise vinaigrette

White Tuna Tartar
 finely minced greens and scallions, toasted nori, capers, ginger oil,
sambal lime juice, wrapped with cantaloupe radish,  topped with beluga caviar

Portobello Stack
marinated and oven roasted portobello mushroom, layered with fresh mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes,
   pesto vinaigrette and garnished with mixed greens


Linguini with Grilled Mojito Marinated Jumbo Prawns

in a spiced ginger garlic broth, tossed with bamboo hearts, cachucha and cashew nuts

Bok Choy Wrapped Crab Cake
miso-anisette steamed crab cake with petit peas, glazed pineapple, jasmine raisin rice and thai curry emulsion

Patagonian Tooth Fish
buttermilk marinated sea bass, tossed swiss chard over basmati rice
with a japanese plum wine béarnaise sauce, garnished with chives

Asian Spiced Shark Filet
served with soft spring rolls and a sambal orange reduction
garnished with arrugula 

Somak Chicken Roulade
chicken breast filled with sun dried cherries, walnuts, spinach, and roquefort cheese, served with chives mashed potatoes and sage infused madeira sabayon

Pesto Rubbed Lamb Chops
with ratatouille provençal, potato au gratin, rosemary, thyme and basil infusion

 Filet Mignon Wellington
filled with cognac wild mushroom medley and gorgonzola, bacon wrapped haricots verts, horseradish smashed potatoes and a madeira wine reduction

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Patagonian Tooth Fish

Patagonian Toothfish

Asian Spiced Shark Filet


Bok Choy Wrapped Crab Cake

Crab Cake

Visit Chef Albrich "Al" at his new
B&B-Alluring View
in Jonas Ridge - Banner Elk NC

Visit Chef Albrich "Al" at his new
B&B-Alluring View
in Jonas Ridge - Banner Elk NC

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