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Chef Albrich "Al"

Being a chef by trade, and a Private Chef since 1996, Chef Albrich has been working in and modifying mobile kitchens since around 2004. Somewhat by chance, we started catering for the Featherlite Coaches VIP Club at NASCAR race weekends in Homestead and Daytona Beach. Those were the last and first race of the season. We cooked in Featherlite’s huge mobile kitchen for groups of around 80 to 160 guests. 

When the last recession hit and the catering business slowed down, we decided to sell the large 40-ft mobile kitchen we had purchased. We started modifying smaller trucks and trailers, using them for a bit, then selling them. These projects gave restless Chef Albrich something to do, initially in both NC and FL, and now just in NC. After partially retiring from cooking, buying step vans and converting them into Food Trucks became his hobby. Never high volume, always good quality, he builds one at a time.

Many young chefs do not want to risk the huge investment of building a new restaurant but are willing to invest in a less expensive Food Truck they can move around to different locations.  Established restaurants want a Food Truck to cater events and get their name out there, especially with the younger crowd. People that are retired buy Food Trucks to do occasional events and have some extra income.

Having good workmanship and being meticulous about doing things right, has helped keep our clients happy.  Through the years, we have done numerous Food Truck build outs and thanks to the power of the Internet, people have come to pick them up and drive them home from places as far as Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  We have built out all sizes of trailers and step vans. 

Our Food Trucks are built as if we were going to use them ourselves, and sometimes we have used them for a bit, then sold them.  We build to the strongest regulations and every single Food Truck we have built has passed inspection the first time with no problems. Our propane professional certifies the propane system and gives clients a paper to take to their health inspection.  Some of our Food Trucks are in cities like Charlotte, Hickory, Boone, Asheville, Johnson City, Knoxville, Charleston, Palm Beach County (FL) and further west. 

We are constantly improving what we do and through the years have not had a single client complain about the quality of our build-outs. 

Trust your new Food Truck to Chef Albrich! Ask us what we have available or coming up. We can build to your needs.





 Linville, NC: 828.733.2718  E-mail: marketing@chefalbrich.com

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